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About Us

Longtime friends, restaurant operators and native Italians Antonio Matarazzo and chef Matteo Venini teamed up to open Stellina Pizzeria, an upscale casual concept that modernizes the classic pizza counter with style and dynamic energy. Our simple, yet spirited menu nods to the street food of the southern Italian coast with a selection of fried seafood and veggies served in paper cones called cuoppo; light, flavorful Neo-Neapolitan pizzas with a distinctly crispy crust; house-made pastas; and creative panini served on our signature pizza dough. With a full bar focused on Italian wines, beers and craft cocktails, we offer an inviting and lively setting for a sit-down meal, in addition to carry-out, online ordering and delivery.


Inspired by the family-operated food carts and corner markets scattered through the city streets of our native Italy, and the aroma of fresh bread, seafood, basil, hand-crafted cured meats, and homemade cheeses filling the air.


Chef Matteo breaks away from classic Neapolitan pizzas to create a signature Neo-Neapolitan dough that is light, crispy, satisfying, and lets the high-quality ingredients stand out.


We brings the Italian street food experience to DC diners in a modern neighborhood setting that updates southern Italian tradition with urban style.


Our menu is simple, spirited, and celebrates the humble, yet robust street food culture of the southern Italian coast.


We warmly welcome you to enjoy our slice of Italy among friends, family, and each other.

Buon appetito, amici. The Italians are back.

Our Team